Monday, April 25, 2011

Follow Up: BAC - Right Now (Bank of America Inc.)

Wanted to take a quick second to do something we don't usually do, which is review a previous post and connect some dots. Today BAC made the move many were anticipating - a break above the declining tops line and a run towards the gap. I'm disappointed to say that despite having stalked this trade, I did not cash in nearly as much as I would have liked. The move off the open was sharp and quick and I would have preferred to buy the early pull back. One axiom we hear a lot is the market moves in the direction that hurts the most people. Quicker moves like this can often be indicative of shorts getting squeezed. The rapid buying and the lack of sellers causes a bit of a panic and that looks like what might have happened today.

Here's a look at how it went down.

I'm not sure BAC is done basing, but it will be very telling of short interest if it gets squeezed into the gap tomorrow. If it does get into the gap, I will most likely be looking to fade the gap fill for a quick trade. Good luck, and remember to stay light and tight.

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