Thursday, April 7, 2011

Demand for Twitter hedge fund exceeds expectations

Demand for Twitter hedge fund exceeds expectations | IR Web Report:


"The Derwent Absolute Return Fund Ltd, in the process of being set up in the Cayman Islands, was supposed to launch April 1 with $40 million in assets, but the fund now has expressions of interest from investors around the world totaling almost $100 million."


  1. The dimensionality issues that arise when attempting to do sentiment analysis on twitter are going to be hell. Filtering out any noise will be next to impossible as well, thus extracting any meaningful macro signal won't be very likely. You'll get tweets like: "AAPL lolzzz". What would you even do with something like that?

    My belief is that these guys are either full of it or are in way over their heads (i.e. googled what an artificial neural network was and just went with it).

  2. i agree and who the hell is investing in that fund