Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Remembering The Father of Fractals

I was e-mailed a great article from brain pickings and thought I'd share it.  The link to the article also has a TED talks with Mandelbrot that is great if you have time to watch it. 

"I prefer the word roughness to the word irregularity because irregularity — to someone who had Latin in my long-past youth — means the contrary of regularity. But it is not so. Regularity is the contrary of roughness because the basic aspect of the world is very rough.” ~ Benoît Mandelbrot

Benoît Mandelbrot in conversation with our greatest creative and curatorial hero, MoMA’s Paola Antonelli, at a SEED/MoMA salon in 2008:

The power of fractals is that they’re so instinctive, immediate graspable, even without knowing there’s a geometric law behind them.” ~ Paola Antonelli

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  1. She's an idiot and shouldn't have attempted such a conversation. A great math mind talks a total idiot. It reminds me of this

  2. she is regarded by many as a artistic genius