Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Option Flow Recap & Chart Review March 16

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Thematic / Macro

EWJ iShares MSCI Japan Index (ETF) – 50,000 of the April 10 calls were sold at $0.41.  Possible Buywrite.

SLV iShares Silver Trust (ETF)bull vertical April $34/$36 1,000x.  This strategist seems to be buying the dip.  Looks early to me but the market is very news driven right now.

EEM iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Indx (ETF) -  bear put vertical Apr $40/$44 9,381x.  Trader looking for EEM to break its 200DMA. 


PEET Peet's Coffee & Tea, Inc. – The June 50 / 55 call spread appeared to be bought for $1.75, 1000x to open.  Rumors that SBUX is buying the name still around and PEET had some major out performance today. 

MAR Marriott International, Inc. – 1625 of the April 35 puts were bought for $0.70, to open.  Shares testing its 200 DMA.

DPZ Domino's Pizza, Inc. – The March 17.5 / April 18 call spread was bought for $0.325. It is likely a roll of a bullish position from March to April.  Stock continues a nice uptrend and very close to 52 week highs. 

TOL Toll Brothers, Inc. – 9400 TOL April 21 calls were sold at $0.65 to open.


BP BP plc (ADR) – 6800 March / April 50 put spread traded for $0.05. It appears that it is a roll with the April puts being an opening position.  

CHK Chesapeake Energy Corporation – 2200 October 20 puts were bought for $0.36 to open.  This trader wasn't buying CHK's strength but the name still finished up over 3% on the day. 

XEG iShares S&P TSX Capped Energy Index Fund – 4500 April 21 calls were bought for $0.82.  Buy'n the dip trade

POT Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA) -Jan '12 sep ^66.67 short call calendar 6,000x.  Could be a roll or a long gamma play. 

Materials / Industrials

X United States Steel Corporation – Early in the trading day 10,000 July 55 calls were sold at ~$5.605.  


CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc. – An investor bought 50,000 July 19 / 21 call spreads for $0.37.  Second day in a row with bullish action. See yesterday's post. 

XRX Xerox Corporation – An investor sold 17,700 July 9 puts at $0.36. The trade was tied to 497,000 shares at $10.09.  Sell write; just the opposite of a buy write.  The trader is short stock and willing to cover at 9 and take in the premium. 


Citigroup Inc– 12,600 May 3.5 puts were bought for $0.02 to open.  Cheap disaster insurance. 

BAC Bank of America Corporation - Jan '12 'jan 13' 12.5 call long calendar 10,000x.  Longer term bullish and bullish on volatility.  Pro trade. 


MHS Medco Health Solutions Inc. – The July 60 / 65 / 70 call fly paid 1.00 for 24K x 48K x 24K. This bullish strategy sees its max profit if MHS is trading at 65 on July expiration.  Stock right at its 200DMA. 

ENDP Endo Pharmaceuticals – 2000 of the April 35 / 40 call spread was sold at $1.00, 2000x. Stock broker below its 100 DMA. 

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