Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Option Flow Recap & Chart Review March 15

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Macro / Thematic

EWY iShares MSCI South Korea Index Fund(ETF) – 24,000 March 54 puts were bought to open. They are currently 6.4% out of the money and with 3 days left to expiration.  Traders looking for this to test its 200 DMA by Friday.  Obviously Korea's economy is heavily tied to Japan.

EWJ iShares MSCI Japan Index (ETF) – EWJ traded over 900k contracts, 39x its average volume as traders spent over $4 million to add 4.2 million deltas in the name.  Most of this came from over 100,000 April 8 / 11 bullish risk reversal trade for ~$0.04. The April 11 calls were purchased for $0.14 and the April 8 puts sold at $0.10.  Capitulation?


TGT Target Corporation - 7500 July 45 / 55 strangles were sold at $2.19.   In the chart I drew white horizontal lines at the strikes they sold and red lines at their break even.  Looks like a good sale if you're willing to take that kind of risk.  5000 July 50 Calls were also bought for $3.15 which could be related.  Interesting trade.

TIF Tiffany & Co. – 2500 January 50 puts were sold at $4.63 and 2500 January 55 / 70 call spread was bought for $5.70. It appears to be opening.  Selling puts below its 200 DMA to help finance a call vertical that gives this trader a fat profit if TIF runs to new highs by next year.  Pro trade.

HD The Home Depot, Inc – 10,0000 March 36 / May 37 call spread was bought for $0.67. Appears to be a roll ahead of Friday’s March expiration.  Roll up and out.

LEN Lennar Corporation – 4000 April 19 calls appeared to be bought to open for $1.15.  Big bounce of its 100 DMA today.


LDK LDK Solar Co., Ltd. – Over 25,000 calls traded today in the Chinese solar company. The March 13, March 14, April 12, September 15, and January 15 calls were all active. Second day in a row the stock trades heavy volume and out performs.

BP BP plc (ADR) – 7000 April 41 calls appeared to be bought for $3.20 to open.  Either bullish or stock replacement now that the stock hard broke it up trend.  Should be interesting to see this trade near its 200 DMA.

OXY Occidental Petroleum Corporation – 3300 January’12 70 calls were sold at $30.30. The trade was an option was tied to $98.42 stock.  Buy write.  Stock bounced off 100 DMA today.

Materials / Industrials

BHP BHP Billiton Limited (ADR) – Over 30,000 April 75 / 70 put spreads traded on the day.  They look to be bought to open.  Very odd trade to me.... 70 is a long way down...below its 200 DMA. Could just be a cheap hedge.  Maybe news is coming out... it did break down below its 100 DMA badly today with volume.


AAPL Apple Inc. - 1,000 340/385 and 1,000 345/380 strangles were sold. Both with a bullish delta bias. Looks like this trader smartly took advange of the early moring volatility rise.  Not sure I'd go with a bullish bias... the stock has clearly broke down of its upward channel and its 50 DMA.  Ominous sign for the market in general.

CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc. – 10,000 April 16 puts were sold at $0.13.  CSCO hasn't been able to catch a bid.  This trader is looking for the 2004 to 2006 lows to hold at least until April.  Also if you draw the neckline of the H&S pattern at 22.5 then the pattern has played out.  If you draw the neckline at 21 then this might get to down to $14 which was the financial crisis lows.


TEVA Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd (ADR) – 3150 April 52.5 calls were sold at $0.23 and 3150 June 52.5 / 57.5 calls bought for $0.76.  Shorter term bearish....longer term bullish.

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