Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crispin Odey on Agricultural Commodities & Farming

Great post by Market Folly outlining Crispin Odey's view on Agricultural Commodities & Farming.  You can read the whole this here: Crispin Odey on Agricultural Commodities & Farming ~ market folly

here is a snip-it: 

"Over ten years China's urban incomes have risen threefold; their agricultural incomes have doubled. If you believe like I do that China's growth will not falter until their current account deficit goes negative... The corollary of all of this is of course that the cost of living is rising for the developing world at an alarming rate. Most of these countries exacerbate their problems by subsidising food prices. Investors must expect that revolutions, sparked by bread riots, will be part of their diet, for as long as China's demand continues to grow."

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