Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Options Flow Recap July 20th

Macro / Thematic

GLD  SPDR Gold Trust - 20,000 of the August 162 / 171 call spread bought for $0.64. The trade was tied to 300,000 shares at $154.82 and appears to be to open.

VIX - 50,000 of the September 25 / 32.5 1x2 call ratio spread was bought for $0.075. The call spread traded 50,000 x 100,000.


HD The Home Depot, Inc. – 2400 of the August 34 puts were bought for $0.33.

LTD  Limited Brands, Inc. – 1400 of the August 40 calls were bought for $1.70 in a multi exchange sweep. The calls were bought to open. On the day nearly 9500 of the calls traded with over 60% trading on the offer and given the current open interest of 2191, most of the calls trading today were opening transactions.

WHR  Whirlpool Corporation – 1750 of the August 75 / 67.5 1x2 put spread was bought for $1.21. The put spread was bought to open. Along with this trade nearly 6400 of the August 70 puts traded and seemed to be driven by opening put buyers.


EQT  EQT Corporation – 2000 of the September 55 calls were bought for $6.70.

MUR Murphy Oil Corporation – 1080 of the August 72.5 calls were bought for $0.85 early in the trading day. The calls were bought to open. Over 4200 of the August 72.5 calls traded on the day as the company was subject of take over speculation. Husky Energy was named as the being a potential acquirer.

SLB  Schlumberger Limited. – 2500 of the August 87.5 / 92.5 call spread was bought for $2.30.

Industrials / Materials

ADM Archer Daniels Midland Company – 1000 of the December 28 puts were sold at $1.16 to buy the December  32 / 36 call spread for $1.14. The trade appears to be to open. 

BA The Boeing Company – 4300 of the August 72.5 calls were bought for $2.09

OMEX Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc.  - 2000 of the March’12 2.5 calls were bought for $1.35.


MSFT Microsoft Corporation - 57,000 of the January'13 30 calls were bought for $1.71. The position is tied to 2.26 million shares at $27.30 and might be closing. Microsoft is due to report earnings tomorrow after the close.

VG Vonage Holdings Corp. - 10,000 of the August 4 puts were sold at $0.20. The puts were sold to open.

WFR MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. – 2000 of the September 9 calls were bought for $0.24. 1400 of the September 8 calls were bought for $0.57 and 1200 of the October 8 calls were bought for $0.73. All the calls were bought and appear to be bought to open.

XLNX Xilinx, Inc. - 1600 of the August 33 / 31 put spread was bought to open for $0.66. The put spread was bought to open ahead of earnings.

YHOO Yahoo! Inc.  - 10,000 of the October 14 / 16 / 18 call fly was bought for $0.33. The fly traded 10,000/20,000/10,000 and makes money if the stock is trading between 14.33 and 17.67 with the maximum profit of $1.67 if the stock closes at 16.00 on October expiration.

CREE Cree, Inc. - 10k Jan 13 60 calls bot at $1.75. Lot of people looking for a bounce.  Bullish divergence. 


ETFC E TRADE Financial Corporation - 6300 of the August 14 / 15 put stupid was bought for $1.27.

USB U.S. Bancorp - 5500 of the August 26 puts traded today with 78% trading on the offer. The open interest in the line is 973 making the lion share of the trades today opening positions.

GNW Genworth Financial, Inc.  - 2000 Dec 10/13 call spreads bot @ .70.  Bottom picking


FRX Forest Laboratories, Inc. - 1400 of the November 41 calls were bought for $1.30.

ONTY Oncothyreon Inc. - 5000 of the February 15 calls were bought for $2.625.

STJ St. Jude Medical, Inc. - 1340 of the September 50 calls were sold at $0.95. The calls were sold to open.

 *Special thanks to Option Radar, BMO Capital, MEB Options, LiveVolPro, CBOE, Option Monster, T.O.P. group, and all of the options desks and traders we work with to provide the option flow!

 No position at this time. Position declarations are believed to be accurate at time of writing but may change at any time and without notice.

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